Here is a sampling of the books that Telling Your Story has published since it started the business in 2001. My name does not appear on the book covers because it is the book clients who own the story and told me the story and it istheir names that belong on the front cover as author. Inside the book, each author has kindly acknowledged my work and guidance as editor.

Clay Lacy Commemorative Book
Contributing Editor, Marjory D. Lyons, Ph.D.
Contributing Writer, Michael Jefferson, B.A.

This handsome coffee table book describes the remarkable life of Clay Lacy: his many world records in aviation, including 40 years with United Airlines, starting as a pilot at 19; his business success with the first charter jet business in LA and on the West coast; and his innovative ariel photography of Hollywood scenes and films. Featured are memoirs of times with Clay by 20 of his friends whom Telling Your Story interviewed and whose story makes up the narrative of the book. Among those were General Jack Dailey, Executive Director of the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC; Barron Hilton, Owner of the Hilton Hotels; Dr. Forrest Bird, inventor of the respirator enabling pilots to fly in high altitudes; Cliff Robertson, actor and winner of the Academy Award for his role in Charley; Gene Cernan, astronaut and the last man to walk on the moon. All list their proudest accomplishment: pilot. Published 2010. Photos by Ron Talley Graphics.

You Can Call Me Brooklyn
By Abe Spieler, November 2009

You Can Call Me Brooklyn by Abe Spieler is a marvelous story of spirit, daring and adventure, moving from peak to valley and back again starting on the streets of Brooklyn where he grew up, to service during WWII in the Navy in the South Pacific, to his first coffee shop in Brooklyn and his restaurants to his famous South Florida bagel shops. In his autobiography Abe Spieler shows us a man determined to succeed, with a strong connection to his roots, and acceptance of all people and especially the young and underprivileged. He reveals a loving, giving heart to anyone who will listen to his advice, his hilarious stories and his kind gestures of support. Published 2009.

Grandpa Merv’s Memories
By Mervin H. Needell, MD

This is a life story by a Miami physician, who for two months every year worked in impoverished countries around the world, including India, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nicaragua, Colombia, Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific, and Lambarene, Gabon in Africa where he worked with Dr. Albert Schweitzer. After retiring, Mervin earned a bachelor’s degree cum laude from Yale University, in his early sixties, and a master’s degree from Georgetown University inbiomedical-ethics, which he still teaches. Publication date April 2002 ISBN 0-9717283-0-5 Library of Congress Control Number: 2002090064.

I thought that I had done a pretty decent job writing my memoirs. Then Marj applied her editorial skills, took my work to a professional level, and got it published. Now I have stacks of letters from admiring readers of my book.  -Mervin H. Needell, M.D.

Memory Believes
By Charles R. Croghan, Jr.

Telling Your Story, Inc. announces the publication of Memory Believes by Charles R. Croghan, Jr. a story of a boy growing up in Fort Pierce, a small town on the Florida East coast. This historical biography contains many reproductions of prized color post cards depicting the town in the early years. The story covers the years from1900, when his father was the first postmaster in town, to his school days in the 1930s and 40s, telling of the escapades of classmates and townsfolk–secrets about many–and concluding in 1942. That spring after high school graduation, Charles went into the US Army and took part in the Invasion of Europe on D Day on Normandy Beach. There he was wounded, hospitalized and returned to the field of action again to be wounded.

After the army, Charles began his extensive education, matriculating at Union Theological Seminary, New York University and Columbia University, as well as Yale and in Germany. He received his doctorate and taught in India, Bloomfield College, NJ, and Indian River Community College. Retired, he and his wife,Posey, live in Fort Pierce where he volunteers at the St. Lucie Historical Museum ISBN 0-9717283-48.

Grandma Elaine’s Story
By Elaine F. Needell, MD

This is the companion piece to her husband’s memoir. Elaine tells when she met Mervin, and how they attended medical school, internship and residency together. She speaks of Miami in 1950s, and what it was like starting a family, her own medical practice and managing it all while her husband was away. Publication date September 2003 ISBN 0-9717283-2-1.

I certainly was not able to write or edit my autobiographical notes until I found Marjory Lyons. She had just given a comprehensive talk at a local college in which she described her talents, which were exactly what I needed in an editor. In a very short time, my book was published to universal plaudits by my family and friends– thanks greatly to Marj’s help. -Elaine F. Needell, MD

Florence’s Story 1902 – 2002
By Florence H. Mills

This is the story of 100 years of living by a remarkable women who was intelligent, poised and connected to the world around her. When her husband was diagnosed with a life-long illness early in their marriage he would never work again. She supported her family by teaching first grade in New York City within sight of the Twin Towers. Widowed, Florence moved to Planation in 1989, where she found she loved to garden in the Florida sunshine. Florence remembers school and family events and, in her book tells them in her own words. Publication date April 2002 ISBN 0-9717293-1-3.

Dear Marj,

This story could have never been told without your keen interest and skillful questioning. I dedicate this copy to you with affection and gratitude. -Florence H. Mills

My Lifelong Search
By William Sweeney

My Lifelong Search by William Sweeney is the compelling story of one man’s quest to find the meaning in life and his place in the universe, and of his desire to pass on to his family and grandchildren the lessons learned. At age 7, tragedy stuck his family, leaving William (and his siblings) to spend his childhood in an orphanage run by the Dominican Sisters where he was treated kindly, singled out for his sports achievements but dropped out of school before graduating. He joined the Navy, got his GED and became a businessman with successes and failures. He tells of his search, starting in the 1970s, describing his travels to Brazil, Greece, Egypt where he discovered his past lives, and to Sedona, Arizona, where through the Tibetan Foundation, he at last found peace. August 2008