You Can Call Me Brooklyn

By Abe Spieler

Edited and published

by Marjory Lyons, Ph.D. of Telling Your Story, LLC

Memory Believes

By Charles R. Croghan, Jr.

Edited and published

by Marjory Lyons, Ph.D. of Telling Your Story, LLC

Florence's Story

“Florence’s Story, 1902 to 2002, As Told To Marjory Lyons”

By Florence Mills 2002

A story of 100 years of living.

Edited and published

by Marjory Lyons, Ph.D. of Telling Your Story, LLC

Grandma Elaine's Memoirs

By Elaine F. Needell, M. D.

Edited and published

by Marjory Lyons, Ph.D. of Telling Your Story, LLC

Lucky Me, The Life and Flights of Veteran Aviator Clay Lacy

The Donning Publishing Company 2009

By Clay Lacy

Contributing Writer

Marjory Lyons, Ph.D. of Telling Your Story, LLC

Grandpa Merv's Memoirs

By Mervin Needell, M.D.

Edited and published

by Marjory Lyons, Ph.D. of Telling Your Story, LLC

Probing Darkness - Finding Light, How I Found Out Who I Am

By Merv Needell, M.D. 2013

A novel based on real life.

Edited and published

by Marjory Lyons, Ph.D. of Telling Your Story, LLC

Where to Begin

Below are some ideas of how you may want to start your life story. Remember situations, statements, and stories that you have either experienced or heard about over time are the best way to start. For an example, I have attached one my short stories Volvo.

“Writing runs in the family. My cousin Mike Robinson, who lived in Hanover, NH for many years, was not only a playwright but a prize-winning author. His novel, The Raj, based on his service in the US State Department in India, was awarded the Book of the Month Club in the 1970s. Today, his daughter, Leslie, carrying on the tradition, is a writer and columnist in Seattle. So I come by it through genes, I would say, and a desire to help people tell their life stories.”  Click here to read more.

Memoir Writing Workshops for All Ages

Special Workshops

Telling Your Story in Words and Pictures is a three-day workshop offered for libraries, colleges and other literary organizations. Participants bring in their artifacts, photographs, diplomas, etc. and incorporate descriptions of these precious items into their stories. The desired product is a book or chapters in a book. This course was taught at the famous Chautauqua Institute in New York state, Maine and Southern Florida.

This workshop is offered three times a year in Pompano Beach, Florida. Please contact Marjory at 954-249-1333 for more information.

Marjory’s Friday Writers, instructor, Marjory D. Lyons

Inspired writers who have published books

  • Secrets of the School's Emails
  • Driving at Night
  • From Then to Now
  • The Long Passages
  • Nine Flights – Four Airports in four weeks
    Nine Flights – Four Airports in four weeks
  • Carol Shimp
  • Beverly Holden Johns
  • D. A. Belmont
  • herb_book

Marjory Diane Lyons is founder and owner of Telling Your Story, Inc., a specialty publishing company which writes and produces books of life stories for private clients.

A recipient of the 2009 Hall of Fame Award by the Writers’ Network of South Florida for “service above and beyond the call of duty for the writing community…and for networking” among writers, Marjory conducts writing workshops on “Tips on Writing Your Life Story” and “What Every Writer Needs to Know about Writing and Publishing.”

In addition, she gives book reviews of New York Times Bestsellers including Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson, John Adams by David McCullough and The Red Leather Diary by Lily Koppel.

Her articles and memoirs have been published in the Kappa Delta Pi National Honorary Magazine, the Indiana School Boards Journal, The Pompano Pelican, and the Lighthouse Point Magazine. Two of her memoirs will be published in anthologies in 2010. At Florida Atlantic University she wrote two training manuals for the Small Business Development Center, and at Nova Southeastern University she founded and edited a journal for graduate English students.

She has been on the faculty of Nova Southeastern University for twenty years, teaching English and leadership courses, live and online. Currently, she is dissertation chairperson for doctoral students in organizational leadership.

Marjory is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and a board member of the Florida Publishers Association, the Writers Network of South Florida, and the National League of American Pen Women, where she chairs the scholarship committee, providing awards for high school student writers.

Click here to download a pdf of Dr. Lyons’ complete résumé.


Telling Your Story – Marjory's Friday Morning Writers Book SaleStarting again on October 2, 2017 — Marjory’s Friday Writers – Weekly Writing Critique Group by Marjory D. Lyons “Writing from the Heart” at Herb Skolnick Community Center, 800 SW 36th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. $15.00 per week. Information 954-249-1333.

Participants bring in copies of their writing and share their work with the other participants in a round robin fashion. Weekly sessions allow participants to develop their writings over several months.The desired end product is their book. So far participants have published their books.

Herb Skolnick Community Center, 800 SW 36th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. $15.00 per week. for more information 954-249-1333.


This email provides an opportunity to tell you how much I love your class and how much it means to me.  Without your class—should we call it a class, think of another name—I wouldn’t be able to write my name. The only reason I’ve finished my book was because of you and the group.
In the late fall which is when I get back I’ll try and recruit some more participants from among my friends. I don’t think we need hordes but a few more would do.
Once again, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Keep safe. You are valuable to a lot of people.
Patrick O’Connor

Editor, Author, Instructor

“Thanks to Marjory for stimulating her students,motivating them, and teaching us how to write the many stories that all of us have.”
“Your workshop, Tell Your Story in Words and Pictures, was extremely helpful and gave me a lot of ideas I hadn’t even thought of.”
Beverly Holden Johns

I want to tell you that you are a really good teacher. In the four years, I attended your writing class, I have learned a lot.

Carol Shrimp

Writer, Love From the Other Side

“I recently participated in a writing workshop presented by Marjory D. Lyons, “Tell Your Story in Words and Pictures.”
Marjory’s experience and seemingly endless knowledge guides you through the process of getting started with telling your story. All questions you may have wanting to write your memoir are answered in a way that foster the ideas that your story needs to be told land you can tell it.  The workshop, a step by step guide to have pictures heighten the meaning of your word, I found informative, encouraging and certainly motivating.”
Cathy Kennedy

Thanks so much for the interesting workshop. The information on the IBPA should be particularly useful to me. Also I will definitely check out Amazon’s Space as you receommended.

Thanks also for taking a look the opening of my urban fantasy novel.

Ginny Chanda

Thank you so very much for all you have done to make my four years in Pompano so productive. I owe a huge debt to you for inspiring me to write so many different kinds of work over these last few years. Your keen insights, observations, and suggestions have helped me become better at the craft. I realize that each piece continues to be a work in progress and I am very grateful to have been part of the community.

Susan Glazer

 “As a child, I always thought something good was going to happen. I kept thinking, ‘Well, things aren’t so bad, are they?’ I just didn’t let things make me unhappy. I was a happy child, and I also think I am a happy old lady.”

This is a quote from Florence Hofmann Mills, then just weeks away from her 100th birthday, as we were writing her book, Florence’s Story.

There was a big party on a yacht in Fort Lauderdale when she reached 100. I took a picture of her with the ship’s captain splendid in his whites and Florence dazzling in her pink skirt and jacket and glamorous, coiffed white hair.

Her strong hand-written message on the title page of her book was: “Dear Marj, This story could never have been told without your keen interest and skillful questioning.”

Florence Hofmann Mills

Thanks for an informative workshop.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to get the juices flowing again.


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