We write books of life stories and business histories. Telling Your Story, Inc. is an independent publishing company.  Established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2001, the company provides individualized services for the clients who want their stories told in their own voices and words. Your dream of telling your story can come true.

Whether you have handwritten notes, a typed manuscript or simply your memory, Telling Your Story can help you produce your book.

We can meet either in your home or office and conduct a series of interviews. Based on our conversations we will take notes and record your story. A draft copy is given to you for your approval.

We help with the cover design, layout of the book, photographs and artifacts to be included.

When the final draft is ready Telling Your Story will complete the publication of your book according to your wishes.

Thus your book captures the uniqueness of your story. It is truly a gift of a lifetime.

Click here to for Telling Your Stories Guidelines on how to submit your story.